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Unit Name  Symbol SI Equivalent
· fluid dram (UK) 
fl dr (UK)  3.55163x10-6m3
· fluid dram (US) 
fl dr (US)  3.69669x10-6m3
· fluid ounce (UK) 
fl oz (UK)  2.84131x10-5m3
· fluid ounce (US) 
fl oz (US)  2.95735x10-5m3
· foot 
ft  0.3048m
· foot of water (4°C) 
ft H2O  2988.98Pa
· foot per hour 
ft/h, fph  8.46667x10-5m/s
· foot per minute 
ft/min, fpm  5.08x10-3m/s
· foot per second 
ft/s, fps  0.3048m/s
· foot per second per degree Fahrenheit 
ft/s-°F  0.54864m/s-K
· foot per square second 
ft/s2  0.3048m/s2
· foot-candle 
ft-C, ft-cd, fc  10.7639lx
· foot-lambert 
ft-L  3.42626cd/m2
· foot-pound force 
ft-lbf  1.35582J
· foot-pound force per hour 
ft-lbf/h  3.76616x10-4W
· foot-pound force per minute 
ft-lbf/min  2.2597x10-2W
· foot-pound force per second 
ft-lbf/s  1.35582W
· foot-poundal 
ft-pdl  4.21401x10-2J
· foot-poundal per second 
ft-pdl/s  4.21401x10-2W
· fortnight 
· forty foot equivalent unit 
FEU, FEQ  72.4911m3
· franklin 
Fr  3.33564x10-10C
· French 
fr  3.33333x10-4m
· furlong (UK) 
fur  201.168m
· furlong (US) 
fur  201.168m
· furlong per fortnight 
furlong/fortnight  1.66309x10-4m/s
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List Units: A B C D E-F G H-I J-L M N O-P Q-R S T U-Z