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Unit Name  Symbol SI Equivalent
· span 
· spat 
sp  12.5664sr
· specific gravity 
· speed of light 
· square arcminute 
sq '  8.46159x10-8sr
· square arcsec 
sq "  2.35044x10-11sr
· square centimeter 
cm2  10x10-5m2
· square centimeter per second 
cm2/s  10x10-5m2/s
· square chain (engineer's) 
sq. ch. (engineer's)  929.03m2
· square chain (Gunter's) 
sq. ch. (Gunter's)  404.686m2
· square coulomb per newton per square meter 
C2/N-m2  1F/m
· square decameter 
dam2  100m2
· square decimeter 
dm2  10x10-3m2
· square degree 
sq °  3.04614x10-4sr
· square exameter 
Em2  10x1035m2
· square femtometer 
fm2  1x10-30m2
· square fermi 
f2  1x10-30m2
· square foot 
ft2  9.2903x10-2m2
· square foot inch of mercury (0°C) 
ft2-inHg (0 °C)  314.605N
· square foot inch of mercury (15.56°C) 
ft2-inHg (15.56 °C)  313.751N
· square foot per hour 
ft2/h  2.58064x10-5m2/s
· square foot per second 
ft2/s  9.2903x10-2m2/s
· square gigameter 
Gm2  10x1017m2
· square hectometer 
hm2  1x104m2
· square inch 
in2, sq. in  6.4516x10-4m2
· square inch per hour 
in2/h  1.79211x10-7m2/s
· square inch per second 
in2/s  6.4516x10-4m2/s
· square kilometer 
km2  1x106m2
· square megameter 
Mm2  10x1011m2
· square meter 
m2  1m2
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List Units: A B C D E-F G H-I J-L M N O-P Q-R S T U-Z