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Gear drives, bearings, motors, clutches, couplings, machine controls, sensors and components.

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8 things to know about the interview question "What's your salary expectation"?

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A white paper to assist in the evaluation of 3D scanning hardware solutions.

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Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent 
· celo 
ft/s2  0.3048 m/s2 
· centimeter per square second 
cm/s2  10x10-3 m/s2 
· foot per square second 
ft/s2  0.3048 m/s2 
· g (gravitational acceleration) 
g  9.80665 m/s2 
· galileo 
  10x10-3 m/s2 
· inch per square second 
in/s2  2.54x10-2 m/s2 
· kilometer per hour per second 
km/h-s  0.277778 m/s2 
· leo 
  10 m/s2 
· meter per square second 
m/s2  1 m/s2 
· mile (stat.) per hour per second 
mph/s, mi/h-s  0.44704 m/s2 
· normal acceleration 
gn  9.80665 m/s2 
Angular acceleration
Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent 
· degree per square second 
°/s2  1.74533x10-2 rad/s2 
· radian per square second 
rad/s2  1 rad/s2 
· revolution per minute per second 
rpm/s, rev/min-s  0.10472 rad/s2 
· revolution per square minute 
rpm/min, rev/min2  1.74533x10-3 rad/s2 
· revolution per square second 
rps/s, rev/s2  6.28319 rad/s2 
List Units: A B C D E-F G H-I J-L M N O-P Q-R S T U-Z