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Chemical Engineering

The industry gateway for chemical engineering and plant operations.

3D Scanners

A white paper to assist in the evaluation of 3D scanning hardware solutions.

Wind Systems

Towers, turbines, gearboxes; processes for shaping and finishing component parts.

Power Transmission

Gear drives, bearings, motors, clutches, couplings, machine controls, sensors and components.

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Unit Name Symbol SI Equivalent 
· gram per cubic centimeter 
g/cm3  1000 kg/m3 
· gram per cubic meter 
g/m3  1x10-3 kg/m3 
· gram per liter 
g/l  1 kg/m3 
· kilogram per cubic decimeter 
kg/dm3  1000 kg/m3 
· kilogram per cubic meter 
kg/m3  1 kg/m3 
· kilogram per liter 
kg/l  1000 kg/m3 
· ounce (av.) per cubic foot 
oz (av.)/ft3  1.00115 kg/m3 
· ounce (av.) per cubic inch 
oz (av.)/in3  1729.99 kg/m3 
· pound mass per cubic foot 
lbm/ft3  16.0185 kg/m3 
· pound mass per cubic inch 
lbm/in3  2.76799x104 kg/m3 
· pound mass per cubic yard 
lbm/yd3  0.593276 kg/m3 
· pound mass per gallon (UK) 
lbm/gal (UK)  99.7763 kg/m3 
· pound mass per gallon (US, liq.) 
lbm/gal (US, liq.)  119.826 kg/m3 
· slug per cubic foot 
slug/ft3  515.379 kg/m3 
· slug per cubic inch 
slug/in3  8.90575x105 kg/m3 
· slug per cubic yard 
slug/yd3  19.0881 kg/m3 
· specific gravity 
  1000 kg/m3 
List Units: A B C D E-F G H-I J-L M N O-P Q-R S T U-Z