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This calculator finds the least-squares fit to a list of two-column data as a polynomial up to a specified order.

The size of input data is limited to 1024 points or less to converve system resources. The input format must be strictly followed to have a correct data parsing.

Inputs   Help
Numerical data only. Input data must have "," between columns and ";" between rows. [Space], [Tab], and [Enter] will be ignored.
Numerical Data:  0, 0.360024; 1, 2.66888; 2, 5.98046; 3, 9.54012; 4, 11.2017; 5, 15.0563; 6, 18.45; 7, 20.3067; 8, 24.8276; 9, 26.9515; 10, 29.4022;
Fitting Function:  Fit above data using polynomial a0 + a1x + a2x2 + ... + anxn,
where n = , ai (i = 0, 1,..., n) are constants to be determined.