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This calculator finds the root(s) of a given equation near the initial guess point(s) using numerical methods. For simple equations such as algebraic equstions, you may want to try this root finder.

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Solve equation:  x^2 - 3*Sin[x] + 1 = 0
where is the independent variable.
Initial guess: 
Newton Raphson: 
Secant Method:  between and
Syntax:  Yes, please help fix my input into proper Mathematica® syntax.
No help needed. I am familiar with Mathematica®.
Note: This syntax helper works only for elementary functions such as Sin, Cosh, ArcTan, Log, and Exp. Members who need to use special functions and characters still need to learn the correct Mathematica® input format from the HELP page. Seasoned Mathematica users may want to turn off this helper to prevent any ambiguity.